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Anthony Weiner hands the GOP their ass

The context for this video:



Lawrence O’Donnell Absolutely Hammers GOP Strategist

“Tea Bagging” – GOPers Protest the cut on Corporate Taxes?

Make sure to check out Lawrence O’Donnell’s comments at 2:45 in the video

Palin getting thrown under the bus by her previous supporters? Misogyny?

People are wondering why are Mccain staffers turning so quickly on Sarah Palin. As it was stated in the clip below, “There is no logic here…… The people giving the blind quotes have to understand that at some basic level that this reflects poorly on everyone. I mean, no one is winning out of what is ensuing here.”

I think this reflects the level of MISOGYNY in the Republican Party. These guys were just biting their tongues in hopes McCain would win and now that McCain did not win they are scapegoating Sarah Palin, the woman. As if McCain does not have a history of the same types of gaffes. McCain has a history of throw tantrum. McCain did not now the difference between Sunni and Shitte Shi’a. And you can bust McCain on over spending on clothes because he married an heiress to millions of dollars but they do own multiple homes an d multiple cars. That is not over spending when you are rich?