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Health Care Debate

Americans For Stable Quality Care – House


Every Generation There Are Moments That Make It Clear Why They’re Republicans & We’re Democrats

Rep. Anthony Weiner on CSPAN – November 7, 2009

Rethink Afghanistan

Rethink Afghanistan
Too many critical questions surround the war in Afghanistan that only public debate and Congressional oversight hearings can answer ………
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Grayson (FL-D) takes Broun (GA-R) to task

Alan Grayson (FL-D) takes Paul Broun (GA-R) to task on the Bill of Attainder clause and how the Republican Party is wasting valuable resource and time in congress to attack one select group. Basically, if Acorn has done something wrong (illegal) take them to court and do not do “trial by legislation”.

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Senator Bill Nelson Opposes “Opt Out” Plan but Supports Republican “Trigger”

Check out who came out to speak about health care insurance reform? Senator Nelson avoided town hall meetings during the recent recess to discuss the matter with his constituents. The last time I heard from Nelson was an morning email news release supporting the Baucus version of the bill and by the afternoon the press was reporting how the majority of the democratic members of congress were strongly criticizing the bill. How embarrassing that was for Nelson? He finally gets the courage to make a public statement about his position on health care insurance reform and he gets his ass handed to him by his own party and the press. Now look at what angle he is taking. He opposes the “opt-out” plan but supports a “trigger” plan offered by a Republican Senator,  Olympia Snowe? Once again he finds a way to look like he is splitting the difference but all he is doing here is taking a weak position on  the issue to appease the health care insurance industry and once again NOT represent his constituents that voted him in to office to represent them and their interests!!!! The “trigger’ option only “kicks the can down the road” and delays the needed reform to later and allows the for-profit health insurance industry more time to rape people of their money. Maybe Mr. Nelson should leave congress and become a lobbyist for the health insurance industry and let some one take his seat in the US Senate that will represent the people of Florida.

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Rachel Maddow on Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

I know  this is a bit old (i.e. – last Friday) but I thought it has a good historical perspective on Nobel Peace Prize