20 Democrats Opposed Pelosi Budget

The 20 House Democrats who voted against the $3.6 trillion budget passed Thursday night were primarily moderates whose Republican-leaning districts often voted for McCain in the presidential election.

The one exception was Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, who opposes including military funding with the operational funding of the government.

“This budget is a plan that authorizes the expansion of the war. I simply cannot endorse a budget or a plan that” does that, Kucinich said.

Indiana Rep. Joe Donnelly was another who broke ranks and voted with his state’s four Republican House members against the budget.

Donnelly told the Associated Press he voted against it because of “the growing national debt which our children are being asked to bear.”

He says he hopes House and Senate negotiations will result in a budget he can support.

Two other Democrats, Reps. Gene Taylor, D-Miss., and Dan Boren, D-Okla., come from districts that voted for McCain by margins of at least 24 points.

The 20 Democrats who stood up to House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi:

John Barrow, Georgia

Bobby Bright, Alabama

Dan Boren, Oklahoma

Travis Childers, Mississippi

Joe Donnelly, Indiana

Bill Foster, Illinois

Parker Griffith, Alabama

Suzanne Kosmas, Florida

Frank Kratovil, Maryland

Dennis Kucinich, Ohio

Betsy Markey, Colorado

Jim Marshall, Georgia

Jim Matheson, Utah

Mike McIntyre, North Carolina

Walt Minnick, Idaho

Harry Mitchell, Arizona

Glenn Nye, Virginia

Thomas Perriello, Virginia

Gene Taylor, Mississippi

Harry Teague, New Mexico



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