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Don’t misunderstand me, fellow Americans, I have always believed in a two-party system of checks and balances in government. Put the best minds together, BUT, that is not how US government has worked for over thirty years. It’s been in print many times how Reagan was chosen by a small group in California, and, even though he has been treated like a hero, the downfall of US economics started then and continued when the Supreme Court broke the law and put their man, Bush, who was clearly incompetent and a loser, even at that time, into the White House. Bush number two and his followers ruled with a dictatorial system of government, until we Americans were no longer of any use to these people, and they sold us to China.

At a fish fry years ago, probably one of the most outspoken politicians running for a ticket said that he wanted to be in DC for the “connections.” It’s been the love of money, not brains, nor the love of country, that has been the ruling factor in US government for the last thirty years, and it would still be going on, except there’s only so much pilfering any one group can do before the US hits bottom, and here we are today, on our knees, looking up at China, instead of digging down.

Take a look at a typical Blue Dog Democrat before they came out of the closet. Ralph Hall is a perfect example of a Blue Dog, and he is a cofounder. Representative Hall is also the oldest serving member of the House. He endorsed George Bush, and voted for three out of four articles of impeachment against President Clinton. Enough said?

All of these Blue Dogs love to tell anyone who would listen, how they put their people first (who do they mean?) and they just believe in being “conservative.” A nasty word, that, since “conservative” has delivered the US with the highest debt in our history. These Blue Dogs formed their own club years ago, and today it is known as a coalition. Get that? A coalition is a group alliance, when they should be forming an alliance with the party whose name they carry, and not the party they usually vote with, and the same party that helps to put them into power and probably gives them money . . . that has to stop.

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