Stand Up for Obama’s Budget |

It’s crunch time. The week of March 30, the House and the Senate will vote on their fiscal 2010 federal budget resolutions. There will then be negotiations to create final budget guidelines.

Already, the president’s transformational budget has come under attack – with much of the ammunition fired by the entrenched special interests – Big Oil,

agribusiness, the health insurance companies – that the president challenges.

Click here to urge Congress to support President Obama’s crucial investments in health care, clean energy and education. Our action page makes it easy to call or email your member of Congress.

Conservatives, having doubled the national debt under Bush when the economy was growing, are now railing at Obama for threatening to “bankrupt the country.”

This is like a gambling addict squandering the family fortune in a Las Vegas blowout, and scolding his wife for borrowing money to keep the kids in college.

It is vital that legislators in both parties hear from their constituents, and not just their contributors, so they get the message loud and clear: We have given the president a mandate for change and we want him to succeed. We expect you to support him or get out of the way.

The President told the nation exactly why Congress must pass his budget: “this budget is inseparable from this recovery, because it is what lays the foundation for a secure and lasting prosperity.”

Our economy simply cannot recover without President Obama’s bold investments in affordable health care, clean energy and quality education.

via Stand Up for Obama’s Budget |


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