Planet Forward

“Planet Forward” is an innovative, viewer-driven program that debuts on the web first and then moves to television, in a primetime PBS special on April 15th (check local listings for exact show times) just a week ahead of Earth Day, and then moves back to the web. Hosted by Emmy Award-winning CNN veteran Frank Sesno, Planet Forward is driven by the power of ideas, as citizens make their case for what they think about the nation’s energy future.

The discussion starts online, then builds to a new kind of television show, which in turn drives the online conversation. It’s web to television and back again. An ongoing conversation driven by issues, made possible by new and creative media technologies.

The Planet Forward Web site will revolve around citizen and expert submissions, reflecting a wide range of interests, expertise and opinion.

The television show will feature the best online submissions, which will be discussed and debated by a diverse panel of experts, scientists, business leaders and policymakers in a nationally televised PBS special, taped in front of a live audience at The George Washington University. The special will feature A-list experts, scientists, policy makers, and business leaders as well as citizen journalists selected from the Planet Forward website.

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