Media Matters – Obama, the press, and the “bipartisan” trap

I’m not sure how many thousands of questions have been asked over the years at White House press briefings, but I would suggest NBC’s Chuck Todd may have recently asked one of the most inane.

The history-making moment unfolded in the White House press room on January 23, when the topic open for questioning was President Obama’s proposed economic stimulus package and whether the administration, which was hoping for a bipartisan effort on the legislation, would be disappointed if the bill passed with little Republican support. And that’s when Todd asked if Obama would veto his own bill if it didn’t garner enough Republican votes.

It’s hard to imagine that a reporter for an elite news outlet, operating at the pinnacle of his profession as a White House correspondent, would ever ask that question, would ask if a president would take the step of vetoing his own legislation because not enough politicians from the opposition party had voted in favor of it.

via Media Matters – Obama, the press, and the “bipartisan” trap – READ THE WHOLE STORY.


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