– Obama outscores McCain in veterans’ group’s report card – Obama outscores McCain in veterans’ group’s report card
Barack Obama outscored his Republican rival, Vietnam veteran John McCain, in a report card issued by an influential, nonpartisan veterans group.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America IAVAs Action Fund gave the Arizona senator a “D” as part of its congressional report card. Obama received a “B” from the group.

McCain is among three senators who scored a “D.” Only one senator, Jim DeMint R-S.C., received an “F.”

McCain — a former Navy officer and prisoner of war — and Obama, who has not served, have made military and veterans issues central to their campaign as they try to show voters who would be a stronger advocate for those who have fought in two wars in the last seven years.

Much of IAVAs scoring revolves around legislation to boost education benefits for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, known as the “Post 9/11 GI Bill: Fair Education Benefits for Veterans.” The bill was the brainchild of Sen. Jim Webb D-Va. and garnered wide sponsorship throughout the upper chamber.


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