Obama – Clark | Tell your friends about ObamaClark.com

Obama – Clark | Tell your friends about ObamaClark.com

With Barack Obama facing relentless attacks from Republicans, it’s time for the Obama campaign to make a bold move. They should choose General Wes Clark as Barack’s running mate.

Help me with this effort. Sign the petition at:

If you need more convincing, watch this clip of General Clark on Morning Joe:

Then join the efforts at:

The political argument for Clark is simple. He is a great surrogate for Democrats, with experience in 2004 and 2006 on the campaign trail, and a genuine national base of supporters. In terms of governance, which is what Obama says is the most important criteria for his VP pick, Clark can help Obama deal with the mess that the Bush administration left behind. As commander of NATO in the late 1990s, Clark won a war, so he is more likely than any progressive out there to be able to wrangle solutions from a military establishment that has been decimated by Bush’s cronyism and incompetence.

Choosing Clark would be a clear demonstration that Obama intends to significantly shift the political debate in the country and that he refuses to allow old school conventional wisdom from DC insiders to dominate our national political discourse.

Join me in supporting this effort. Please visit and sign the petition at:


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