Coalition to lobby for U.S. health-care reform | Reuters

Coalition to lobby for U.S. health-care reform | Reuters
WASHINGTON, July 8 (Reuters) – A coalition of unions, think tanks and other groups launched an advertising campaign on Tuesday saying they want to ensure that health-care reform tops the U.S. political agenda after the November elections.

The group, Health Care for America Now, said it had the backing of 100 labor groups, community organizations, medical groups and activists.

The non-profit group is headquartered on Washington’s K Street, known for its high-powered lobbyists, and said it was immediately starting a $1.5 million advertising campaign on television, newspapers and online, with an eventual spending goal of $40 million.

“This is the human rights movement of our time,” said Jeff Blum, executive director of USAction, a non-profit that campaigns for strengthening of Medicare, Social Security and other entitlements.

“If there is one thing that our government should be guaranteeing each one of us, it is the basic, fundamental right to affordable and quality health care. This must be the birthright of every American.”


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