Progressive Punch: Is Obama really the most liberal member of the Senate?

The National Journal says Obama is the most liberal senator in 2007. By the way, they also “calculated” that Kerry was the most liberal senator in 2004. Is this a coincidence that once the Democratic party elects it presidential candidate they become the most liberal senator? Or does the Democratic party want the most liberal candidate to run for President? If so, what about Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders, Russ Feingold, to name only a few?

By the way, check out this site to get a second opinion on who is most liberal in the congress. Progressive Punch makes there calculations transparent on how they rank the senators and congress members.

Progressive Punch:
ProgressivePunch is a non-partisan searchable database of Congressional voting records from a Progressive perspective. But we’re convinced it’s extremely useful irrespective of anyone’s political positions.

We show the performance of members within 160 different issue categories, and detailed vote descriptions, thereby empowering you to zero in on what matters to you.
To see how progressively your member has voted or explore a policy issue that interests you, select from a search option below.

Here’s the link to the National Journal report


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