LANDMARK WIN FOR YOUR RIGHT TO HABEAS CORPUS! | Center for Constitutional Rights

LANDMARK WIN FOR GUANTANAMO DETAINEES! | Center for Constitutional Rights
Supreme Court: Guantánamo Detainees Have Constitutional Right to Habeas Corpus

CCR, Co-Counsel Win Landmark Case


Washington, DC — In one of the most important human rights cases of the decade, the Supreme Court of the United States held today, in a 5-4 decision, that the men imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay have the constitutional right to habeas corpus.

One of the oldest and most basic legal protections, habeas corpus affords the incarcerated the right to stand before a judge and confront the charges presented against him or her. The Center for Constitutional Rights has been sending habeas counsel to represent the prisoners at the base since winning the first Guantánamo case, Rasul v. Bush, in 2004, and applauds today’s decision.

You might consider making a donation to the Center for Constitutional Rights as they have fought for and won back your right to Habeas Corpus.



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