Obama sweeps three states

In addition, CNN reports that Clinton has 1108 delegates total (  885 pledged & 223 super delegates) and Obama has 1049 (916 pledged & 131 super delegates).  Pledged delegates represent the will of the people via our votes. Super delegates represent the will of  senior members in the Democratic Party. Obama has more votes from the people than Clinton and vice versa, Clinton has more support from the senior members of the Democratic Party. Who do think will represent or pursue the interest of the people more versus the interest of the Party? —Chip

NewsTimes.com – The Latest
WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Barack Obama swept the Louisiana primary and caucuses in Nebraska and Washington state Saturday night, slicing into Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s slender delegate lead in their historic race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The Illinois senator also won caucuses in the Virgin Islands, completing his best night of the campaign.

“Today, voters from the West Coast to the Gulf Coast to the heart of America stood up to say ‘yes we can'” Obama told a cheering audience of Democrats at a party dinner in Richmond, Va.

He jabbed simultaneously at Clinton and Arizona Sen. John McCain, saying the election was a choice between debating the Republican nominee-in-waiting “about who has the most experience in Washington, or debating him about who’s most likely to change Washington. Because that’s a debate we can win.”


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