Gay marriage on ballot in Florida

You have to love these people <extreme sarcasm>! Placing a wedge issue on the ballot in attempt to bring out a really hard right crowd to the ballot box because they are concerned a Democratic candidate will win Florida . In addition, they are having us (the residents of Florida) vote on something that is already against the law in Florida. Don’t we have something better to do with our votes and time? I could think of a couple other important issues Florida is experiencing: raising property tax, unregulated property insurance industry, lack of health care for its children and elderly, under-funded public school system, oil industry being allowed to dodge $10 billion loop hole while drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, degrading infrastructure, and over-extended National Guard that is vital during hurricane season. But, I guess these guys are right. Homosexuals getting married against the law is destroying my family and my marriage.

An initiative to ban same-sex marriage in Florida is certified for the November vote. 

Florida already has a law against gay marriage, but petition organizers say it should be put into the Constitution to protect against lawsuits or future whims of the state Legislature.

“I’m grateful to God first and our supporters second,” said John Stemberger, an organizer for “The bottom line is kids need a mom and dad. Same-sex marriages subject kids to a vast, untested social experiment.”

Currently, 27 states have passed constitutional bans on gay marriage. Massachusetts is the only state that allows same-sex marriage, while a handful of states permit civil unions.

At least 60 percent of Florida voters must agree for the amendment to be added to the state Constitution.

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One response to “Gay marriage on ballot in Florida

  1. Marriage is a basic civil right. For the truth about gay marriage check out our trailer. Produced to educate & defuse the controversy it has a way of opening closed minds & provides some sanity on the issue:

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