One hour of Iraq spending could treat 817,000 cases of malaria

One hour of Iraq spending could treat 817,000 cases of malaria
Spending so far on Iraq would pay for 3.6 million four-year college educations

President Bush’s request to Congress in October for an additional $45.9 billion for the war in Iraq has brought the total federal outlay since the war began to $196.4 billion. A Democratic report earlier this month estimated that the wars’ total costs could be much higher — as much as $3.5 trillion — if “hidden” costs like the rising price of oil, veterans’ healthcare and interest on borrowed money are included.


2 responses to “One hour of Iraq spending could treat 817,000 cases of malaria

  1. Being I have actually been in Africa, paying for and working with malarial kids, I normally would empathize. But very few ‘progressives’ have ever given this administration credit for substantially increasing aid to Africa, including significant increases for malaria. In general, Ugandans happen to have high regard for this administration for this, as well as respect Bill Clinton for his previous and current efforts there. Maybe you can learn something from them; I do, every time I go.

    Let me ask something; how much have you personally and voluntarily donated to this effort you seem so concerned about? Myself, I spent over 12% of my annual income directly this year for African aid and did it while there. I did it voluntarily, in support of my principles; I don’t expect the government to mandate everything.

    Try it, if you haven’t; you might like it.

    As for the war: despite the screwups in getting into it and the first few years, it now seems to be headed in the right direction- at a lot of cost in lives and other tresure both there and here. If it ends up with 20 million people living freely, there might be something good out of it. I have a certain level of faith in the Iraqi people themselves.

  2. Thought a reference would help on Bush’s Malaria Intiative, which was a first one of significance for any administration:

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