Lott to Resign Senate Seat Before End of Year – New York Times

I thought there was something fishy about Lott resigning from the Senate. For perspective here, Trent Lott just got re-elected in 2006 to serve a 6 year term in the Senate and took an oath to serve his constituents in Mississippi. Why would a person seek re-election, invest all that time and money to step down a year later for no apparent reason. Lott did not even use the line, ” I am resigning to spend more time with my family.” Lott joked around about teaching, managing his son’s music career and being the next coach at Ole’ Miss. He also stated “We don’t have anything definitely lined up at this time.” I guess that depends on your definition of “definite”?

If a Senator stays in the Senate passed this December the new ethics rules will effect them and the new ethics rules state that a Senator can NOT take on a firm to lobby congress for two years after their term. So is Lott stepping out now to avoid these new ETHICS rules? If so, I guess that shows you were Trent Lott’s heart is, in his own profit. This guy is NOT rich enough to take two years off before taking on a job a lobbying firm after he finishes his 6 year term in 2012? This is so sad. I feel for the people of Mississippi who voted for this guy and worked on his campaign. Now they discover the guy is a greedy bastard and has little o no interest in his constituents?

In addition, he gets to keep his Senator pension plan and Senator health care for the rest of his life. He pension pays  out a lump sum every year for the rest of his life and does not run out. Likewise, he pay nothing for his full health care coverage for the rest of his life.

Lott to Resign Senate Seat Before End of Year – New York Times
WASHINGTON, Nov. 26 — Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi, the former Republican leader who was forced to step down in 2002 after making a remark that seemed to support segregation, announced today that he will resign by the end of the year.


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