The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times : Habeas Corpus, Filibustered

WTF – This is the first article I found the depicts the story semi-accurately? Check out the headlines off a Google News search query. Click here —> Habeas Corpus

Most headlines state something about “The Senate” not reinstating Habeas Corpus. Excuse Me ! It would be the Republican minority that will NOT allow it to come to a vote, as in the Republican minority is FILIBUSTERING !!! What? Did I say Filibuster? Yea, the Republicans are filibustering. The Republican must hate America? Why won’t they let the reinstatement of Habeas Corpus come to simple “Up & Down Vote”. (by the way, the republicans are blocking some 85 bills from coming to the floor at the present time. Can you say Obstructionists?)

Habeas Corpus has been around since the 1305. I guess it is getting to old to have so we better do away with it. Who needs a chance to challenge their accuser any way. Plus, to actually find out why your are being held against your will. Please! We didn’t even give the Nazis these rights after WWII at the Nuremberg Trials, …..whoops we did give the Nazis habeas corpus and the right to counsel, hmmmm?

The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times : Habeas Corpus, Filibustered
Democratic majority in Congress or no, the inmates at Guantanamo won’t be seeing the inside of a civilian courtroom anytime soon, the Washington Post reports. An amendment to the Senate’s annual defense policy bill would have granted the prisoners there legal standing to sue over their continued detention, a right formally stripped from them when last year’s Military Commissions Act formally suspended Habeas Corpus.

The vote left some Democrats frustrated with their thin majority. Senator Diane Feinstein (D-Ca) issued a statement calling the senate’s inability to best a Republican minority and get the amendment up for a vote on the Senate floor “deeply disappointing.”

But for civil liberties groups that pushed for a reversal, there is a silver lining: Every Democratic senator lined up in favor of the amendment, and the majority even managed to peel off six Republicans, twice as many as a similar bill garnered last year.

As Reuters notes, the vote isn’t going to settle the fight over just what rights the prisoners deemed “enemy combatants” actually have. The Supreme Court is expected to take on a challenge to the the Military Commissions Act later this year.


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