Bush Says Democrats Risking Kids’ Health – New York Times

Bush is the one play politics with this bill. He purposed cuts in who would be eligible to receive any benefit from this  program by dictating how States could set up the requirements.Under Bush current limitations millions of children would lose coverage. Bush should  just pass the bill that comes out of congress.  A $30 billion difference is nothing to this administration. I think the U.S. spends that over 15 weeks in Iraq, and I do believe the $3o billion cost is projected over a 5 years period?

Bush Says Democrats Risking Kids’ Health – New York Times
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush challenged Democrats on Thursday to quickly renew a popular children’s health insurance program and accused them of ”putting poor children at risk” for political purposes.

The State Children’s Health Insurance Program is set to expire Sept. 30. Democrats are pushing for a $35 billion spending increase. But Bush has threatened to veto it and has proposed a $5 billion increase.

Some Democrats, he said, believe they can score political points by sending him a bill they know he will veto.


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