More Retailers Found to Have Lead-Tainted Items – New York Times

This issue is a great example of why “unregulated capitalism” and so-called “free trade agreements’ do NOT work. Why don’t we start making toys for our kids back here in the great United States and regulate their quality more closely versus importing them from a communist dictatorship where the toys are made  in “sweat shops” using child slave labor that barely get paid 15 cents and hour? Oh yea, we need to prop up China since they financed most of the current U.S. debt and plus CEOs of Hasbro, and other toy companies could not obtain multi-million dollar salaries and pensions at the cost of our children’s health. Plus, who needs regulation? After a few 100 or 1000 kids get sick and/or die the market will correct itself and we will learn not to buy products from companies like Hasbro. Thank God I have 5 kids so I will still be in the market to buy toys after the first one dies?

More Retailers Found to Have Lead-Tainted Items – New York Times
WASHINGTON, Sept. 18 — Major American retailers, including Target, Limited Too and Dollar General, have found more lead-contaminated children’s products in their inventories but have not yet notified the public, Congressional investigators have determined.

The products have been taken off shelves, documents released on Tuesday by the investigators show. But no recalls have yet been issued for the products, while the Consumer Product Safety Commission investigates or negotiates recall terms.

The disclosures came in response to questions asked by the House the Energy and Commerce Committee of 19 companies that had already recalled Chinese-made products because of lead contamination, including Mattel and RC2, maker of Thomas & Friends toy trains.

Those recalls — representing millions of individual items — have shaken the American toy industry in recent months, leading to a surge in testing by manufacturers, importers and retailers.


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