TPMmuckraker | Talking Points Memo | Iraqis Order Blackwater out of Iraq — But Will It Leave?

Ok – I thought Iraq was a “Sovereign Nation“? So if Iraq is a Sovereign Nation and they decide they no longer what a private company running around their Sovereign Nation with guns and helicopter shooting Iraqi citizens then that private company should leave, right? And since the U.S. is all about Iraq standing on its own and governing itself we should respect their wishes and de-fund the private company that it is paying with our U.S tax dollars and tell them to leave Iraq, right?

TPMmuckraker | Talking Points Memo | Iraqis Order Blackwater out of Iraq — But Will It Leave?
Following a Baghdad shootout yesterday that left at least nine civilians dead, security-contractor giant Blackwater will no longer be permitted to operate in Iraq, according to the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

The Interior Ministry’s decision is likely to be a source of friction between the U.S. Embassy and Iraq. Not only does Blackwater guard many important U.S. officials there, but the embassy is unlikely to want a precedent established that allows the Iraqi government to kick out U.S. contractors for excessive use of force.

Yesterday’s incident involved an insurgent attack on a State Department convoy in the Sunni neighborhood of Mansour in western Baghdad. Blackwater personnel guarding the motorcade returned fire — “to defend themselves,” according to a State Department official quoted by The Washington Post. A Post reporter on the scene in Mansour witnessed Blackwater’s Little Bird helicopters “firing into the streets.” Almost immediately, an Interior Ministry spokesman said the company’s license to operate in Iraq would be revoked.


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