Eugene Robinson – Good Morning, Vietnam! –

So, Bush went to the Anbar province and NOT Baghdad, where the “surge” was. He goes to the Anbar province, where there was NO surge (and where we cut a deal with the insurgent groups instead of fighting them) to tell us the Surge is working……… in Baghdad?    Wouldn’t it had been better to land in Baghdad to talk about the progress in Baghdad? Wouldn’ t it been cheaper to stay in DC (versus flying to the Anbar province) and tell how the”Surge” is working in Baghdad?

Eugene Robinson – Good Morning, Vietnam! –
The most fascinating aspect of George W. Bush’s no-holds-barred campaign to keep Congress from meddling in his foolish and tragic war is the way he has begun invoking the Vietnam War — not as a cautionary lesson about hubris and futility but as a reason to push ahead (whatever “ahead” might mean) in Iraq.

Say what you want about the man, but he’s full of surprises — and I’m not talking about the unannounced visit he made yesterday to Anbar province. With the pivotal report from Gen. David H. Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker due to land next week, and with the Iraqi government having made zero progress on political reconciliation, it’s no surprise that the Decider would decide to be photographed touring the one part of Iraq where he can claim any measure of success.


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