Open Left:: What is a Bush Dog Democrat? A FAQ…

Open Left:: What is a Bush Dog Democrat? A FAQ…
What is a Bush Dog, in one sentence?

Bush Dog Democrats are Democratic members of Congress who enable the right-wing through their support of Bush’s policies on core progressive values at key moments.

What are these core progressive values and these key moments?

Currently, we’re using the capitulation vote on Iraq back in May, 2007, and the disgraceful vote to give Bush warrantless wiretapping powers as proxies for Bush Doggedness. We think that if you voted for both of these, you are an enabler of Bush’s policies.

We’ve made an exception for Brian Baird (WA-03), who voted correctly on FISA. Upon getting back from Iraq, Baird, in the face of all the evidence, touted the surge’s success and explained that opposition to the continuation of the surge was borne of partisanship and a lack of concern for American moral authority. Using the right-wing media to attack core progressive values is a quick route to becoming a Bush Dog.

Ok, so who are these ‘Bush Dog Democrats’?


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