GOP – Hooker-gate

Air America Radio talk show host Rachel Maddow’s newest Campaign Asylum video covers the numerous Republican hooker scandals that have plagued the party over the past couple of years. After the massive Republican defeat in the 2006 elections, Karl Rove claimed that it wasn’t Iraq, Katrina or any of the other failures of the Bush administration that brought down the Republicans, it was Mark Foley and other sex scandals that were to blame. As Dr. Maddow points out, if that truly was the reason for the Democratic sweep last year, the post-’06 Republican sex scandals, which are connected to a few GOP presidential campaigns, might pose a big problem for the Republican party in the 2008 elections. Another fine video from Rachel…


One response to “GOP – Hooker-gate

  1. oh man, this dude is funny…thanks for this post. I’ve been looking for a younger, more macho Rush Limbaugh for a long time.

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