Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigns | Herald Sun

HELLO !!! Where did this come from? Another Monday afternoon shocking announcement out of this administration. First Rove resigns, “to spend more time with his family” (before he goes off to prison). This is definitely an interesting way to try to control the news cycle, sacrifice key members or appointees  in your adminstration. I predict Dick Cheney will be next and they will put in Jeb Bush as Vice-President so he can run in 2008.

In addition, this announcement is interesting because I was thinking of writing a rant today about how Gonzales has hollowed out the Justice Department and a lot of key positions are currently vacant. There is currently no Deputy Attorney General or Associate Attorney General, which are the #2 and #3 positions in the Justice Department? There is also no head of the Civil Rights Division, no White House liaison, and no AG Chief of Staff?   I thought the GOP  ran on a ticket that was about justice & accountability. How do they do that with a hollow justice department and a President that pardons people’s sentences (not charges yet) after they where found guilty of impeding justices itself, and by a jury of their peers and and judge that was appointed by a Republican?

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigns | Herald Sun
US Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales said he would resign, after a scandal-tainted tenure marred by critics’ claims he was incompetent, hid the truth and may be guilty of perjury.

Mr Gonzales, an architect of contentious US “war on terror” legal tactics, was also at the centre of a row over firings of federal prosecutors, was the target of a barrage from Democrats and lost the confidence of many top Republicans.


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