With people like these in charge, the Freedom’s Watch advertising campaign — expected to cost as much as $15 million in its first phase — obviously has nothing to do with “politics.”

Ari Fleischer’s misleading message | Salon.com
Aug. 24, 2007 | If you happen to reside in the district of a Republican member of Congress whose support of the Iraq war is wavering, or in a state where a Republican senator is facing reelection next year, you may soon see a moving commercial. Featuring the voice and image of a veteran who lost both legs in Iraq, it delivers a familiar message: “They attacked us before” — on 9/11 — “and they will attack us again” if we don’t fight on until “victory.”

Nobody would want to argue with John Kriesel, the veteran who appears in this ad and whose sacrifices are all too obvious. When he gazes out from the screen to admonish us that “it’s no time for politics,” he is surely sincere.  MORE —->


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