Alonso Puts Brakes On Courtesy Busing

This appears crazy. We as a community are unwilling to transport our children to school because they live too close and are willing to transport someone from the other side of the county to provide a choice of schools? I am a bleeding heart liberal progressive but this school choice thing is way out of whack. We transport children from far sides of the county who can not participate in the full range of activities the school offers because they live too far away. The school choice program is destroying our sense of community. I think it is more beneficial that children get a sense of community in their school. It is great to know that the kids you went to elementary school with will be going to the same middle school and the those kids will be going to your high school. Likewise, we can all play football (or some other sport or club) together because we live near our school and we can get to and from it in less than a 30 minute drive. This teaches a sense of community, promotes social skills and relationship skills that will benefit these children as much as their education. 

Alonso Puts Brakes On Courtesy Busing
COUNTRYWAY – Students who live off Country Hollow Drive will have to find alternative transportation to Alonso High School next month.

The Hillsborough County school district will stop providing the courtesy busing it has offered to some students for five years. The district does not usually bus students who live within two miles of a school but makes exceptions for safety reasons.

Sidewalks around Alonso were not completed when it opened in 2002, prompting the district to offer busing to nearby students in the Countryway neighborhood, said Karen Strickland, transportation operations manager. Now that sidewalks and crosswalks are in place, the district is stopping the busing.

The decision came after a lengthy review process that the district has used for about six years, Strickland said. It involves several departments, including the district safety office and area directors. Officials started looking into the Alonso arrangement in December.


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