Poll: Bush, Democratic Congress both failures – CNN.com

Comparing these two polls makes no sense. Bush has been in office for about 6 years. The Democratic Party has had the majority for about 8 months. Their so-called majority is slim in both houses. It is neither veto proof or filibuster proof so the Republican minority can block bills from coming to a vote and the President can veto bills. In addition, it is comparing one person’s performance for 6 years to a group  of peoples performance for 8 months.

It is like saying the Tampa Bay Bucs fans think Coach Gruden has been a failure for the past 6 years and the fans think the team has been a failure for the past 8 months of play. This is an irrelevant comparison.

How about comparing the Democratic congress to other Democratic congresses and comparing Bush to other Presidents. This would be a more valid comparison. We would probably see that Bush is pretty low when compared to other Presidents and that most congresses receive poor rating.  

Poll: Bush, Democratic Congress both failures – CNN.com
WASHINGTON (CNN) — Americans think both President Bush and the Democratic Congress have been failures so far this year, but they still tend to put more confidence in the Democrats.

In a new CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll released Wednesday, 57 percent of those questioned say that Bush’s presidency has been a failure; 55 percent say the Democrat-controlled Congress has been a failure as well.

Democrats won back Congress in last year’s midterm elections. They have a slim majority in the Senate and a 30-seat advantage in the House of Representatives.

Frustration with the war in Iraq was considered one of the main reasons for the Democrats’ victory last November. But so far, congressional Democrats have failed to alter the president’s course of action in Iraq.

The issue will come to a head again when Congress reconvenes in September.


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