Mattel – Voluntary Safety Recall Facts

I looked to send an email message in response to Bob Eckert message below and the video on the Mattel recall web page, but Mattel does not appear to have a email address so I am posting my response here. I also imagine if I called one of their numerous 1-800 customer numbers I would be talking to someone in China?

Dear Mr. Eckert,

If you were so concerned about your products quality and about my child, don’t you think you would have monitored you products better? The first incident I thought, “stuff happens” but now it is a repeated pattern. What is Mattel doing? 

The current U.S. Administration does not believe in regulation so when is Mattel going to start regulating itself or has Mattel figured in their cost benefit analysis that a few dead children is worth the profit and not worth the regulation.

I am sure if someone did something to put your children at risk you would be up their ass with lawyers so fast they would not know what to do.

I strongly encourage Mattel to start acting responsibly and start monitoring their own product. Stop trusting a communist nation that pays it citizens dirt wages to produce quality products for U.S children. Why doesn’t Mattel manufacture their own products here in the U.S., in a Union factory? This would provide U.S. citizens with good jobs and good benefits and provide Mattel with better products, or does that not fit into Mattel’s cost benefit analysis?

William Royall 

Mattel – Voluntary Safety Recall Facts
Dear Fellow Parents,

Many of us at Mattel are parents ourselves. And like you, we know that nothing is more important than the safety of our children. As you may know, Mattel has recently voluntarily recalled some products for two different reasons: impermissible use of lead paint and risks associated with small, high-powered magnets.

We want to ensure that every parent is aware of these issues, returns affected products to us and knows that we have already taken significant actions to further ensure the safety of our toys.

We hope that we don’t have to recall any more products, but if we do, we pledge to address the matter promptly and to inform you quickly.

Our long record of safety at Mattel is why we’re one of the most trusted names with parents. And it is our sincere hope that the actions we are taking now will maintain that trust in the future.

Thank you for your continued trust.

Bob Eckert
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Mattel, Inc.


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