Lower taxes equals poor infrastructure, bridges colapsing & people dying

The bridge collapsing in Minneapolis is a classic example we have not invested in the our infrastructure. This is what happens when you buy into the neo-con idea of less taxes and less government. The Minnesota legislature passed a highway improvement bill twice and the Republican Governor vetoed it both times.  

If a person does not believe in government then get the f*** out of the government !!!  If you don’t believe in paying taxes then get the f*** out of the United States and do not go to any other First World Countries. You will need to move to a Third World Country to not pay taxes. Paying taxes is the entrance fee to a democratic republic. If you aren’t willing to invest in it, get out ! God Bless, Good Luck and Go Forward (to your 3rd world country).

Nick Coleman: Public anger will follow our sorrow
So far, we are told that it wasn’t terrorists or tornados that brought the bridge down. But those assurances are not reassuring.

They are troubling.

If it wasn’t an act of God or the hand of hate, and it proves not to be just a lousy accident – a girder mistakenly cut, a train that hit a support – then we are left to conclude that it was worse than any of those things, because it was more mundane and more insidious: This death and destruction was the result of incompetence or indifference.

In a word, it was avoidable.

That means it should never have happened. And that means that public anger will follow our sorrow as sure as night descended on the missing.

For half a dozen years, the motto of state government and particularly that of Gov. Tim Pawlenty has been No New Taxes. It’s been popular with a lot of voters and it has mostly prevailed. So much so that Pawlenty vetoed a 5-cent gas tax increase – the first in 20 years – last spring and millions were lost that might have gone to road repair. And yes, it would have fallen even if the gas tax had gone through, because we are years behind a dangerous curve when it comes to the replacement of infrastructure that everyone but wingnuts in coonskin caps agree is one of the basic duties of government.
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