God-And Progressives-Save This Honorable Court! — In These Times

God–And Progressives–Save This Honorable Court! – Click here to read the full article
The Supreme Court’s recent decisions further underscore the dire need to beat back the right’s threats to basic fairness.
By Hans Johnson
On their tours of monumental Washington, summertime visitors often stand in awe of the Supreme Court. The gleaming white building, with its oath of “equal justice under law” proclaimed above its grand west entrance, suggests solidity itself.

Yet far from living up to that promise, the current Roberts Court has begun to tilt the scales against ordinary Americans while undermining the basic notion of fair play. In steadily reversing hard-won progress on privacy, freedom of speech, church-state separation and civil rights, a radical four-man bloc is reminding people of the precariousness of standards we had long taken for granted and the primacy of court appointments in the 2008 election.


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