Sentencing Law and Policy: Comparing Lewis Libby and Victor Rita

Here’s a link to a comparison of the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold the same sentence for the same crime. So basically Bush is saying he knows better then the Supreme Court in which he picked the two most recent Justices, Alito and Roberts, both who voted in favor to uphold the 30 months sentence? If I remember correctly, Bush does not have a law degree?

Sentencing Law and Policy: Comparing Lewis Libby and Victor Rita – Click here to read the full article
Among the fascinating aspects of Lewis Libby’s now upcoming sentencing is that his high-profile case resembles in various ways the case of Victor Rita, the defendant whose 33-month (within-guideline) sentence is currently under review by the US Supreme Court. I detailed some Libby-Rita parallels in this post last month, and here are the major highlights.

1. The parallel nature of the crimes. Like Lewis Libby, Victor Rita got caught up in a criminal investigation and ultimately was indicted on five felony counts based on allegations that he lied under oath as part of the investigation. And, like Libby, Victor Rita asserted his innocence and exercised his right to a jury trial. (Victor was convicted of all five counts at trial; Libby’s was acquitted on one of five counts, but that may not matter much for sentencing purposes.)

2. The parallel personal history.


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